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This temporary visa lets the parent of a settled Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen stay temporarily in Australia for a period of 3 or 5 years.  Parents can stay  for a cumulative maximum 10 year period.

The first step of this visa is to have an Approved Parent Sponsor, this person

  • must be an Australian citizen, Eligible NZ resident or permanent resident, who has been resident in Australia for at least four years.
  • must be the legal child of the parent.
  • must not have been unlawfully living in Australia during the last four years.
  • You (and your spouse/partner) must have a joint income of at least approx. $83,454.80
  • must not been unlawful or held a bridging visa (other than a bridging visa A, B or C) during the last 4 years
  • have met any previous sponsorship applications.

Once the sponsor has been Approved, the parent needs to fulfill visa criteria including:

  • be the biological, legal (including adoptive) parent, step-parent or parent in-law of the Parent Sponsor.
  • have met any previous visa obligations
  • meet health and character test
  • access to money to support the stay in Australia
  • maintain adequate health insurance

This visa is granted for up to 3 or 5 years per visa, it can be re-applied for a maximum period of 10 years.  You are not allowed to work in Australia whilst you hold this visa.  This visa is great for children that cannot pass the balance of family test  which are a mandatory component of other parent visas. The visa costs approximately $5,090 for 3 years and $10,180 for up to 5 years. Generally this visa can be applied from overseas, if the parent is in Australia they can request a Permission to Apply In Australia.