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At 1to1 AMS we understand how important it is to be united with your parents in Australia.  Parents provided us with support when we were growing up and as they age and become more vulnerable, it’s our turn to look after their needs.

The visa program for parents in Australia is challenging with very limited spots in the annual Migration Program. Australia has an ageing population that will increasingly need access to the public health system.  With the public health policy taking precedence in protecting limited health resources needed by Australian citizens, the Migration policy in relation to parents is restrictive  and the annual intake is subject to cap and queuing.

Parent visas can been split into Contributory and Non-Contributory visas.  Contributory  visas require significant investment (approximately 48k) per parent and as a result take priority in the cap and queue processing.  Non-Contributory parent visas can take up to 30+ years of processing.

Parent visas are also subject to balance of family tests.  Theses tests determine the extent of the parent's links to their children or stepchildren in Australia and ensures only those with close ties to Australia are eligible for a Parent visa. 

Here, at 1to1 Australian Migration Services, we specialise in Parent Visas, our principal agent has a keen interest in these visas and has been part of Facebook groups and petitions that advocate for this cohort of migrants. We are empathetic towards the needs of family reunions and will do our utmost guiding you with the various visa options.

173 - Contributory Parent Visa (Temporary)

This is a temporary parent visa that allows spreading of the total contributory costs by first granting a temporary a 2 year visa which then it can be followed by the permanent 143.

143 - Contributory Parent Visa ( Permanent)

This is a permanent parent visa requiring significant contribution of funds to apply and allows the parents of a settled Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen to apply for residency.

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884 - Contributory Aged Parent Visa (Temporary)

This visa provides aged applicants a temporary pathway or a two-step process towards gaining the permanent aged contributory visa 864.

864 - Contributory Aged Parent Visa ( Permanent)

This is a permanent visa for aged parents and requires significant contribution of funds

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103 – Parent Visa

This is a permanent visa that doesn’t call for a significant contribution of visa application charges, however, has long processing queues.

804 - Aged Parent Visa

This permanent visa lets an aged parent of a settled Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen stay in Australia.

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This is a temporary visa that does not require the balance of family test to be passed and allows parents to live with their children for a maximum of ten years.

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Send us a query and we can further explain the core criteria for meeting the Parent Visa requirements.

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