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Skilled migrants are the key to filling gaps in the Australian workforce.  The Department of Home Affairs uses migration policies to attract high calibre candidates who will make significant contributions to the economy.  The Skilled Stream of the Migration Program includes the following visa options:

189 Visa – Skilled Independent Visa
This is a permanent, points tested visa that allows skilled workers, that are in demand in Australia to apply independently based upon their specialised skill sets.  You must be invited to apply for this visa.
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190 Visa – Skilled Nominated Visa
This is a visa that requires 'nomination' by a State or Territory Government of Australia as a tool to fill skills gaps.  This is a permanent visa intended to place skilled migrants in areas of need.
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491 Visa – Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) Visa
This is a 5 year provisional visa designed to direct overseas skilled workers to designated regional areas of Australia. Nomination by a State or Territory or sponsorship by an eligible relative is a base requirement.  This visa provides a pathway to permanent residence after 3 years. 
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Are you qualified in your field?

Do you have an occupation on the relevant skills occupation lists?  Do you have significant work history and are less than 45 years old? 

Then Contact us and we can assist with your EOI and visa application.

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